Popunder traffic is a form of Advertising in which ad-window opens behind the main browser window.
Popunder traffic is one of the best ways to bring in good traffic as it does not intrude in reading of the users and appears at the back of main current window. Visitors react better to Popunder ads and these are efficient also for the advertiser.

CPAInventory is selling a High Quality Popunder traffic on CPM CPC CPV models for all the geos strongest in US, followed by UK, CN, CA, DE, IT, FR, IN, AU, RU, RO, TR, ID, JP, MX, BR, etc.
Popunder traffic available starting at $1 cpm onwards. CPC starts at $0.06 per click.

-> All Vertical or Category
-> All Geo
-> All Direct Brand safe Publishers’ targeted traffic
-> All Devices

For more details get in touch with our AMs and start monetizing.
Email: anjali@cpainventory.cpm or Skype: aamnrasuu