Cost per Lead known as CPL is one of the pricing model used in Internet Advertising. In this the advertiser pays a pre-determined price to the publisher/ affiliate for acquiring the leads for his/her product/service.

CPL campaigns generally includes a form to be submitted by a real user who is interested in the product or service, to fetch his/her details. The form usually is a sign up or registration form requiring Email submits and other contact details to reach the prospect lead.

CPL campaigns helps the advertiser in branding their product and acquiring the interested Leads from the target audience. Leads can be obtained through Email traffic, Display Banner traffic, Pop traffic, Social Media traffic.
This is also termed as Lead Generation in Digital Marketing/Online Advertising.

Almost all the categories and verticals can be run on CPL basis, most frequent are Sweepstakes, Forex, Binary, Bizopp, Insurance, Health and Beauty, Education, Loans etc.

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